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When you’ve obtained gained the CCNA certification, you are able to perform any job associated with networking. It’s also possible to use it for other IT certifications, like Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) or CompTIA A+ certification.

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It is the CCNA certification is among the most sought-after certifications for network engineers. Cisco has been offering these certifications since the year 1999 meaning it’s been around for long enough to be a well-known industry standard. The CCNA offers candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to operate on a range of networks and to solve difficult problems in security and networking.

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This CCNA certification is intended to test the candidate’s understanding of the fundamental concepts in computer networking and the fundamentals. It also examines how various devices interact with one another through a local area networks (LAN) as well as a wide-area network (WAN) and internetwork. Candidates should also be able to set up and manage various types of networks like Ethernet cabling and switches, wireless LANs, VoIP phones; VPN connections and routers, firewalls; storage systems, servers, and much more!

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If you’re looking to be hired by a firm which offers Cisco instruction, being certified by them is crucial. Once you’ve earned your CCNA certification then you’ll be able be hired quickly

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The following job openings are open to those who have this certificate:

Network analyst is someone who analyzes the data of the infrastructure of an organization.

Network engineer is someone who develops and constructs networks for companies that are of any size, from small-scale businesses to huge corporations.

Network associate is a person who serves as an assistant technician on the network team, assisting different systems of the network infrastructure of an organization.

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Global acceptance

CCNA certification is internationally recognized in a variety of countries. Network professionals who have the CCNA certificate are able to make more money. In recent times the number of CCNA jobs have been added to the job market.




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